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Q: Does RISE Shed provide a quality guarantee for all the products being sold?

A: Absolutely! If find faults with any of our products, contact us immediately! We do all we can to ensure your best shopping experience. In the rare situation where a replacement is not possible, we will arrange for a refund.

Don't forget we also offer Route one click package protection and tracking at Checkout. So if your package is lost, damaged or stolen it's easy to arrange a refund or re-creation and reship of your order.

Q: How do I order on your website?

A: Simply find the product(s) you'd want and click the green 'Add To Cart' button. Select any options and then continue shopping or click on the shopping cart option in the top right.

The Shopping cart will open and display this and any other products in your cart. From here you can review all the products you have added. You can either continue shopping or proceed through to the Checkout page.

On the Checkout Page, you need to fill in your shipping and billing information to see the final prices for any shipping and taxes.

Add Route at Checkout to enable one click shipping insurance, or package protection and tracking.

Then you complete the sale by making payment. As soon as your payment has cleared we'll arrange to manufacture and ship your order to you as soon as possible!

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: Once your order has been processed at one our fulfillment warehouses, allow 14 to 21 business days depending upon your destination. If your order has still not arrived after 30 days please contact us so we can investigate. For further details see our Shipping page.

Q: Do you ship Internationally?

A: Yes! We ship worldwide to ensure that every customer will enjoy his or her shopping experience with us. Our shipping package labels will declare lowest possible prices to help our customers avoid/lower customs duties and import fees.

Q: How can I find out shipping costs?

A: Total costs are calculated during the check out process. Don't worry, prices are disclosed before you make any payment. Shipping, Handling and Packaging costs can vary dependent upon your location and the distance from one of our RISEshed fulfilment centres. 

Q: Tell me more about how I pay for my order.

A: We have put together a page about making payment. https://riseshed.com/pages/payment-methods

Q: Is your website secure with my personal information?

A: Absolutely! We use SSL security to ensure all your personal information is encrypted. We do not see or store your credit card information and it will be used one-time only upon purchasing of your product. Then your personal payment information will be purged by our payment systems providers.

We use the Bold Cashier and PayPal payment systems to further ensure the security of your personal information.

Q: How do I check the status of my order?

A: Upon placing your order, please allow up to 3 business days to have your order processed. Our fulfilment warehouse staff will create, pack your ordered item(s) and ship the package(s) out as soon as possible.

Once you order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number for your order. You may also visit our website at any time and click on our Order Status page to find the real-time update of your shipment. If you did not receive the order tracking number or did not find any updates under our Order Status page after 5 business days, please contact us immediately and we will do all we can to investigate.

Q: Why do I have more than one tracking number for my order?

A: We aim to minimize the worldwide shipping, packaging and handling costs for all customers. Whilst ensuring you still receive your order as quickly as possible.

Sometimes it is faster and cheaper, for you, if we individually post some of our items. When this occurs you will receive a tracking number for each shipping package in your order.

Q: Do you have more information about your Custom Handmade Jewellery Range?

A: Certainly do. You can find out more about  Engraving and Custom Jewelry Manufacturing by clicking on each link named in this sentence.

Q: Can I phone someone from RiseShed.com?

A: Absolutely, our US Phone Number is: +1 (201) 429-6100

but we do encourage you to use our Contact us page so we will have both written records of conversations.

Q: Why does the check out change prices to USD?

A: To Support International Shopping we auto convert prices to your local currency with up to the hour live conversions from $USD. Currency prices then fluctuate accordingly. You can use the drop down Currency Converter Menu to view prices or pay in another currency. Through out the RISEshed website you can select to see our prices displayed in your preferred currency. 

We use PayPal and Bold Cashier to process all payments through their secure checkout processes. We chose to offer secured payments through PayPal in USD and/or through Stripe by Bold Cashier so you can choose which currency you wish to pay us with. Prices are displayed based upon your location settings to your local currency.


With Bold Cashier you can pay in whichever currency you choose in our Checkout. 

How to Pay using PayPal

Click on the PayPal button on your Shopping Cart page before going through to the Checkout. PayPal will require that you Login to PayPal, or enter your credit card information and Billing Address BEFORE they will reveal available Shipping Options or allow you to enter any Discount Codes.