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This website does not handle payments for our products directly, but it rather forwards these payments to a secure third-party payment gateway which handles all the payment procedures.

So when you have confirmed your order in the shopping cart you will be redirected to make payment to either Bold Cashier or Paypal for Suzy Jacobson. Any payment issues or disputes should be resolved directly with the payment gateway. Once we are notified by the payment gateway that a payment was made, and that it has successfully passed a fraud review, we will arrange for the creation of and/or postage of your order. We are unable to guarantee the timeliness or immediacy of our payment gateways. offers secured payments through PayPal and/or through Stripe by Bold Cashier

So you can choose which currency you wish to pay us with. Prices are displayed based upon your location settings to your local currency.

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Use the drop down Currency Picker if you wish to view prices for another currency. With the latest conversion rates, our prices fluctuate, up to the hour, based on the value of the USD against exchange rates.

With Bold Cashier you can pay in whichever currency you choose in our Checkout. To minimise any hidden or surprise conversion fees from $USD appearing on your bank statements.

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How to Pay using PayPal

Click on the PayPal button on your Shopping Cart page before going through to the Checkout. PayPal will require that you Login to PayPal, or enter your credit card information and Billing Address BEFORE they will reveal available Shipping Options or allow you to enter any Discount Codes.

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