Collection: For Spoonies

Designs for Spoonies, created by a Spoonie. Encourage, Show support, Strengthen or just Motivate Yourself or the Spoonie you love.

The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino

As a descriptive metaphor to help you understand or explain to others about life with chronic health conditions, pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mental illness, Lupus, Lyme and other invisible illnesses. Their daily supply of limited energy is represented by spoons.

Every daily task requires one spoon. Healthy people have unlimited spoons as they can recharge normally through out the day. But once you have chronic illness or health condition you are on very limited daily spoon rations.

You can read more about the birth of Christine's Spoon Theory here.

Invisible illness sufferers and those with chronic pain often get really good at hiding how much it effects their daily life. Spoon Theory offers a way to identify, connect and share with others how chronic illness isolates and controls their life.

My hope is that these designs offer a message of hope, which all Spoonies relate too and need to hear sometimes. A gentle reminder to always keep that extra spoon in reserve