Collection: Hormone Molecule Collection

You can give someone you love and care about a *DOSe* of well being: Dopamine, Oxytocin and Seratonin. Chemicals they can wear and see to help them feel better.

Dopamine for Pleasure and Well Being, Oxytocin for Love and Bonding, and Seratonin for Happiness and Anti-depressance.  Often dubbed the happy hormone combination.

Our Hormone Molecule Collection, inspired by the seventh season of The Bachelor Australia 2019 TV Show when Chelsea McLeod (a chemical engineer) first met Matt Agnew (an astrophysicist), she gave him a temporary tattoo of the Oxytocin chemical diagram. Also known as the Love chemical.

Later in the series, Matt gave Chelsea, the winner, a horizontal bar necklace with the Oxytocin chemical formula c43h66n12o12s2 written on it.

This collection puts the chemical diagrams of the DOSe hormones onto dog tag style necklaces and key chains.

Embrace your inner nerd or celebrate their chemical geeky-ness.

We know that jewelry won't bio-hack anyone. Maybe you'll find the act of giving a gift to another, along with the act of receiving a thoughtful gift will trigger a boost of these naturally occurring mood boosters for you both.

Each piece will be hand crafted and can be further customized with an optional personalized message engraved on the back.