Engraving Information

Some of the charms in our Custom Made Jewellery ranges have Engraving available as an optional extra on the Back Side of the Charm.

Back side of Heart Pendant showing engraving sample, "Mother's Day 2018, Love Harry & Sally" Back side of heart shaped pendant, engraved with message, "Mother's Day 2018"

You choose what you need to say to customize your charm.

Up to twenty (20) characters per line, up to two lines for only an additional $15.00USD worth $35USD.

Engrave onto the back of charms and pendants with your loved ones name, your wedding date, an anniversary, or anything else you want to remember and keep you close to heart.

Each personalized piece offers exceptional craftsmanship that is fit to be an instant classic in your family.

Medical Alert Charms

Our medical alert charms can include custom back side engraving too. The back side can be engraved with your words, do you want to say "Name = Joe Blog, I.C.E. Ph 8888-5555"; "eHealth Medicare No:1234567890" or "Phone Dr. Grey on 5555-1234".

Some elect to just repeat the Medical Condition Text from the front in case their Medical Alert Charm has flipped over.

When you have multiple conditions, your medications often frequently change and there are just too many to list on the back of a charm. So instead use a medical wallet card that you can easily edit and update with your medications list, providers and other health information. You may then wish to engrave "Medical History in Purse".Asthma Medical Alert Charm showing the Back side engraving, "Your Words Here"