Collection: Memorial Remembrance Photo Monument Jewelry

Honor the life of someone close to you with a permanent photo memorial you can always carry with you and wear close to your heart.

In Memorium Jewelry has optional engraving on back of photo charm with an upload of your photo on the front

Photos are printed directly onto pendant for sharper detail, higher quality which never fades.

Although you could use any of our Create Your Own Photo Jewelry; this collection is paired with Memorial Greeting Message Cards inside the gift box.

This range makes the perfect condolence gift for anyone dealing with the loss of a friend or family member. What better way to commemorate their life than to preserve their image inside quality handmade jewelry. Using a patent pending process with liquid glass poured over the photo charm then baked to create a shatterproof dome.

When all the flowers have faded away, these unique jewelry pieces will be a lasting heirloom. To pass on to other family members, to keep their memory alive.

When someone you love becomes a memory - the memory becomes a treasure.