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When the seconds count

April 21, 2018

When the seconds count

While we all hope no one that we love is ever in a life threatening situation.....those seconds really count during emergencies.

I've heard that emergency first responders who are checking for medical alert information only take 8 seconds before they begin treatment.

Some people will carry a Medical Information Card in their purse or wallet. I don't know about you but I often take minutes at the checkouts trying to locate all the cards I need at the store. And I know how I have set up my purse. I imagine it could take a stranger even longer.

Now I am not saying that a Medical Information Card is a bad idea. It is a very good idea to carry a full list of all medications that you take and all your medical conditions. I have had emergency medical staff tell me how useful mine was. But they did not have time to fully read it until I was in the ambulance and being transported. Your emergency situation may be different; it may not even be looked at until you are at the hospital itself.

What I am saying is that when you only have a few seconds you really don't want to rely on this one method alone. Best is to have both the long detailed list of medical illnesses, allergies, pharmaceuticals list, treating doctors, even resuscitation orders (if you have signed DNRs). I keep one on my fridge and one in my purse in case I am not at home in a medical emergency.

But if you need to convey medical information which will change how you are treated, I recommend wearing a medical alert charm.

While there are some beautiful, artistic and creative medical alert bracelets available; but that does not mean that they will be instantly recognised for what they are meant to be. You need something obvious with a bright and internationally recognizable symbol.

Medical Alert Charm with custom engravable back sideThe attached photo shows my favourite medical alert charms. These incredible charms are very durable, high quality, handmade and able to be easily added to existing fashion bracelets similar to Biagi, Chamilia or Pandora. The front side can list the name of this condition while the back side of the charm can be engraved with more information, such as "Medical Info in Purse & on Fridge" or "Medication List in Diary", etc.

Bracelets are easier to wear for most but these charms can be added to necklaces. Some wear the leather wrap bracelet at as a choker necklace.

Image shows One leather wrap bracelet with two charms, one medical alert. A second bracelet is stainless steel web, with two charms, one is a medical alert.


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