Discover the Science of Happiness with DOSe Hormone Molecule Jewelry

Discover the Science of Happiness with DOSe Hormone Molecule Jewelry

We're thrilled to introduce the latest updates to our DOSe hormone molecule collection, a line of handcrafted necklaces and keychains designed to infuse positive vibes into your day. Originally inspired by the seventh season of the hit television show The Bachelor Australia, in which two scientifically inclined contestants gifted each other a temporary tattoo and a necklace featuring the Oxytocin hormone. Our collection features the chemical diagrams of the DOSe hormones: Dopamine, Oxytocin, and Serotonin.

DOSe hormone molecule keychain with gold finish

We believe that the DOSe hormone molecule combination is associated with pleasure, love and bonding, and happiness and cheer, respectively. With the switch from the bar pendants to the high-quality dog tag pendants, we can now offer key chains as well as necklaces.

Our necklaces and keychains are designed to help you improve your well-being. Each pendant, whether it's a necklace or keychain, is in dog tag format and made using high-quality surgical stainless steel. The chemical formula diagrams of the DOSe hormone molecules that they represent are printed directly onto the base of each pendant under a protective glass resin dome.

For example, the Serotonin pendant has its C10H12N2O formula molecular structure inscribed on it. You can also further customize your necklace or keychain by getting a name, date, or personal message engraved on the reverse side of the pendant. We also offer an 18K yellow gold optional finish to give your necklace or keychain an extra touch of elegance.

Our necklaces come with a 24” luxury military chain with an upgraded clasp, and our keychains come with a swivel attachment, both of which are made using the same surgical stainless steel as the pendants. We're proud to say that all of our DOSe hormone molecule jewelry is handcrafted with care and attention to detail.

While our DOSe hormone molecule necklaces and keychains won't bio-hack anyone, we hope that the act of giving a gift to another person and having them receive it willingly will trigger a boost of these naturally occurring hormones for both of you. So, embrace your inner nerd and celebrate your chemical geekiness with Rise Shed's DOSe hormone molecule collection. View the collection today to order your DOSe hormone molecule necklace or keychain.

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