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2020 and the new way forward

by Suzy Molloy March 02, 2020

A sample of range of gifts, accessories jewelry from RiseShed

At the beginning of 2020, I was informed that the charms which had been the backbone of much of our collection were no longer available.

We had used the charms to create our unique Medical Alert range and built out the store with medical and rehabilitation items to improve independence. Our title was Rehabilitation and Independence Equipment Shed.

Then the coronavirus or COVID-19 extended the new year holiday season in China. Meaning most of those products would be significantly delayed too.

I had already spent my Christmas holidays considering the success of and wondering about ways to improve. I remain grateful for the fellow Spoonie followers RiseShed has collected. But when I looked at which purchases were being made from the store combined with both the fore-mentioned occurrences; I decided it was time to switch the focus of this website in a new direction.

No longer will we offer Rehabilitation based Equipment or Medical Alert items.

From now on, is a jewellery based store.

We will still offer Spoonie themed items, as our Spoonie dog tags and charm designs were popular. (I'm moving the some of the charm designs onto other items ;-) ). My initial monogram collection of bangles and necklaces. As well as a small variety of dogtag necklaces will remain.

I'm leveraging my love of jewelry making and designing. Aiming to continue to include some of my own designs and add in some luxury, unique gift ideas. Ones that you are less likely to find elsewhere in other stores, online or off.

As I write this blog post, we have a range of elegant, high quality pendants, and necklaces. When purchasing one of these, there are messages included inside the gift box itself. To make your gift even more personal and unique.

Of course, I remain open to completely bespoke designs at your request. Just get in contact.

For now, take a look at the storefront, I hope you enjoy it. As always, let me know what you like.

Suzy Molloy
Suzy Molloy

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A sample of range of gifts, accessories jewelry from RiseShed
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