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Three Ways to Minimize Your Risk of Falling

The fear of falling can be an overwhelming one. Especially if you have already fallen and been injured. Studies have also uncovered that your fears are increased just by knowing someone who has been injured in a fall.
Although the first point of call should always be the medical advice provided by your doctor. Medical staff are able trained to separate your risks you need to manage, from your fears which can be overcome. Increasing awareness can counteract both limiting physical activity and negative thoughts.

Here are three things anyone can do to minimize the risk of future falls around their home and increase independence upon others. 
Firstly, Reachers or Pick Up Sticks can help you pick up items from the floor without bending overFolding Reacher Sticks. To safely reach for items from high shelves or on top of cupboards without using a step ladder; as well as to grab items from behind narrow spaces. You can keep Folding Reacher Sticks close on hand by carrying one in a handbag or in your Walking Stroller Frame Organiser bag. I personally have two pick-up sticks at home, so that if I drop one I can pick it up using the spare. 

Secondly, look into having Handrails or Grab bars installed. They are a useful support around steps and doorways. Also, especially important around wet areas such as Vacuum Suction Attachment Grab-barsbathrooms for extra stability when using toilets and showers. If you are renting or travelling it may not be possible to make permanent attachments where they are most needed. That is when Vacuum Suction Attachment Grab Bars are most useful. Easily lock into position in just seconds without screws or drilling; waterproof and able to withstand up to 50kg of force. NOTE: These are designed to be attached immediately before a single use. They are not recommended to be left in place as suction grip does not last.
Finally, the Cleveland Clinic Recommends "Improving lighting (including adding night lights) and removing loose carpets and rugs can also help prevent falls at home" (source:
This is where I recommend installing a Toilet Bowl Sensor Light. There are similar brands on the market that will light up the toilet bowl when they sense movement. But I SafeSeat Sensor LED UV Toilet Lamprecommend the SafeSeat Sensor LED UV Sterilizer because it also has the power to clean toilet bowls. So not only will you be able to safely see your way to the seat, without stumbling around in the dark. When you get there, that seat can be 99.9% of free molds, bacteria, germs, and viruses thanks to the power of UV sanitizing light. The soft LED colored lights are also so much nicer than being blinded by bright overhead lighting. With the added bonus of being energy efficient as it only operates in darkness when detecting movement.

So there you go, three ways to minimize your risk of falls around your home. With no handyman skills, renovations, or even drilling required.
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