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Stories from the Shed

Crisis management plan

June 12, 2019

....When I eat I can take my medications and hopefully my pain levels will reduce somewhat. But when the pain is just too much, I resort to Cadbury's Milk Chocolate and instant Cup-a-Soups. I make the soups up in one of my travel mugs so it stays warmer; giving me longer to slowly sip.

I use a TENS machine on many different points to reduce my pain levels and give me back some movement. Drug free options are always helpful.


When I know my movemen...

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Physical self care with Chronic Health Conditions

Physical self care with Chronic Health Conditions

June 29, 2018

Don't beat yourself up or your mental health will decline as well. I think that we all know that depression just makes everything so much harder.

I use my chest freezer and have embraced freezer cooking. Besides some pre-made heat and eat meals I have made up from cooking in bulk and freezing in portions. I have uncooked preprepared vegetables in sauces, sometimes with chopped or sliced meats, ready to drop into a crockpot or the pressure cooker. If I know early in the day, I can de...

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May is Awareness Month

May 19, 2018

....Most people with Chronic invisible illnesses fight for knowledge and understanding about the conditions, symptoms and even side effects which can isolate sufferers. There is a social stigma for many when they put up the disability parking sign and get abused by onlookers for not being in a wheelchair. Or even just for looking too young because the most common societal recognition of disability is for aged people. The prevailing stereotypes also assume that ....
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reduce worry about falling

Three Ways to Minimize Your Risk of Falling

February 23, 2018

The fear of falling can be an overwhelming one. Especially if you have already fallen and been injured. Studies have also uncovered that your fears are increased just by knowing someone who has been injured in a fall......
Spoonies Ten Spoon Theory

Spoonies Ten Spoon Theory

February 19, 2018

Does the term and definition of SPOONIES help you understand or explain to others about life with chronic health conditions, pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mental illness, Lupus, Lyme and other invisible illnesses?

It was a life changer for me....

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