Spoonies Ten Spoon Theory

Spoonies Ten Spoon Theory

Just a little while ago, after 15 plus years of living with Chronic Pain and Physical Disabilities - I learnt about the term SPOONIES. This is a life changer.

For those who prefer a well written definition and explanation I recommend: https://paindoctor.com/what-is-a-spoonie/

For those who prefer info-gram graphic explanations:

what is a spoonie infographic shared on Instagram by @chronically.couched

Does this help you understand or explain to others about life with chronic health conditions, pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mental illness, Lupus, Lyme and other invisible illnesses?

Our Spoonie Collection offers supportive gifts and encouraging pieces of unique, quality fashion jewelry.

The Only Disability in life is a bad attitude Spoonie Keychain

Be proud of being a Spoonie and doing the best you can with often invisible Chronic health conditions. Or show your loved one's how much you understand they are Spoonie Superheros with a Spoonie gift. 

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