A greeting message card from a jewelry gift box with a handwritten greeting sign off. Which says, " Your beloved best friend and forever lover, Jesse XOX"

Sign offs, Greetings and Closings to End a Greeting Card

Since our jewelry gift boxes are already fused with a Greeting Card style Message; we have a range of Message cards designed with space for you to sign your name. Which can be personalized or Customized your own way.

Handwritten Customized sign off on greeting message card included in jewelry gift box

Which is great if you know exactly what you want to say to your best friend or your beloved significant other. But no so, for those who are unsure what is the best way to sign off, close or end a greeting card message beyond just "Love," or From.

So, here is a list of just a few to get those creative juiced flowing. Feel free to mix and match, borrow and blend to create the perfect Sign-off for your Spouse. or way to show your Life Partner just how much you love and appreciate them being in your life.


      • Always in my heart
      • Always in my thoughts
      • Affectionately yours
      • All my love forever
      • Beloved
      • Belovedly yours
      • Betrothed to you forever
      • Caresses and Cuddles
      • Especially yours
      • Especially your girl
      • Eternally yours
      • Ever your best friend and lover
      • Ever your guy
      • Forever your man
      • Forever and Always
      • Forever, I'm yours
      • From
      • Here now and always
      • Hugs and Kisses
      • Kisses and Candies
      • Lots of love
      • Love and Kisses
      • Love Always
      • Love always and forever
      • Love from
      • Love you now and forever
      • Loving You Always and Forever
      • Loving You, With All Of My Heart
      • Lustfully Yours
      • My heart belongs to you always
      • Peace, Love and Blessings
      • Sending you all of my love
      • Still thinking of you
      • Still choosing you above all else
      • Soon to be your wife/lover/husband/spouse
      • Thank you
      • Truly thankful
      • Unconditionally yours
      • With love
      • Your darling
      • Your devoted lover/significant other/partner in crime
      • Your eternal soul mate
      • Your hubby/wifie/partner


Let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions you wish to share.

Personalise with a handwritten sign off on your greeting message cards view on top of antique wooden writing desk with pen lying on pages
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