Pet Memorial and Bereavement US Made Custom Photo Pendants

Pet Memorial and Bereavement US Made Custom Photo Pendants

Have you recently lost a pet or service animal? We now stock custom-designed animal bereavement products you need to remember your pet.

We already specialize in personalized jewelry and customizable gifts, and recently  updated and expanded our collection of memorial jewelry for service animals and pets. In consideration of All American Pet Photo Day on Sunday 11 July 2021, for clients in the United States.

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This update will help you find more beautiful custom jewelry options to commemorate any pets, service animals, companion animals and guide dogs that have passed away.

There has been growing recognition in recent years of the importance and seriousness of grieving the loss of a pet or service animal. More than 95% of pet owners in the United States report that pets are part of the family and that they would severely grieve their loss.

Mental health professionals have suggested that performing rituals, such as funerals, or creating memorials can be helpful to the healing process after losing a beloved animal.

Our expanded collection of personalized animal bereavement jewelry can serve as a meaningful memorial for lost pets. Each piece is beautifully crafted and offered in 316 stainless steel or an 18 karat gold finish.

This latest announcement is in line with the Rise Shed commitment to providing clients with meaningful jewelry to mark any occasion. With high-quality necklaces, pendants, and bracelets, some of which are paired with meaningful Greeting Card Messages within the gift box.

Such as a custom-designed bangle with a heart-shaped pendant.

When buying the bracelet, you can provide your own photo of your pet to be featured on the bracelet’s charm pendant for upload from your phone or computer.

Never worry about losing your treasured photos because they fallout of a locket, our charms are printed directly onto the pendant so they will never crease or fade. Then preserved with a hand poured shatterproof glass dome that is designed to last.

With A Growing Collection of Pet Memorial Photo Charm Jewelry

You can also opt for a necklace with either a heart shaped or a round pendant; or designed dog tag pendants. All our memorial products can be customized to feature your unique photo of your pet. As well as personalizing with optional engraving on the back. All pieces are offered in polished stainless steel, or with an 18K yellow gold finish option.

All of Rise Shed’s photo charm products are hand crafted, engraved, and shipped from the United States, so you can get your high-quality memorial jewelry quickly. We are proud of our ethical position. Ensuring all of our craftspeople are mom's just like yours, who are being paid a real living wage.

The store also carries a wide assortment of custom-made photo jewelry products that make great gifts for any special event!


One satisfied client said: “I got a necklace with a photo of the pet I recently lost. It means so much to me. I will probably order something else in the future. Thank you, Rise Shed.”

Get the meaningful jewelry you need to grieve the loss of your furry friend. For the perfect memorial jewelry to remember your pet by. Go to to create your commemorative piece of jewelry today!

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