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Mama & Baby Elephant Horizontal Bar Necklaces With 18k Finish

March 14, 2022

RiseShed's Mama elephant and babies pendant with optional engraved back side and yellow gold finish. Two pendants are lying across hexagonal tiles next to a flowering Babies Breath bush is your go-to spot for mama and baby pendants. Whether for celebration or as an heirloom, you can’t more high-quality at affordable prices.

RiseShed's Mama Cat with two kittens pendant and backside customised with engraved names or personalized message

Whether you want to find the perfect and most unique gift to give to new parents, or you’re looking for a way to celebrate your husband or wife, we think you’ll love our range.

Our Mama and Babies product catalogue has been especially curated for mothers and caregivers to celebrate their children and their love for them. The unique designs can be personalized with an engraved message.

This stunning collection of necklaces features a stunning horizontal bar plate pendant with animal design and number of children etched on it to be one of a kind and memorable, depending on the number of children being honored. The different designs include cats and kittens, turtles and hatchlings, elephants and calves, and more.

The bar plate pendants are crafted from Stainless Steel and are hand polished to create a mirror-finish, with the chain being finished with a lobster clasp for security. The necklaces are available in a silver tone or an 18 karat yellow gold dipped finish.

Each one-of-a-kind pendant is suspended from a fully adjustable cable chain measuring 16” to 22”. The chain is finished with a lobster clasp for security and ease of fastening.

Every pendant is handmade to order in the USA and if you spend over $50USD you can receive free shipping.

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