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Honor the Memory of Your Pet

July 07, 2021

Honor the Memory of Your Pet

If your family or friends have lost a cherished pet, creating a custom memorial keepsake can be the perfect gift. Here at RiseShed we offer a range of great designs to give you options for any occasion!

We specialize in creating high quality customised jewelry that captures memories and celebrates special occasions. In consideration of All American Pet Photo Day on Sunday 11 July 2021, we are announcing our updated a range of Pet Memorial Photo Charm Jewelry.

The updated range of pet memorial jewelry has been designed to create lasting tributes to pets that are no longer with their owners. The range includes charms, pendants, and bracelets.

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The hand-crafted jewelry pieces can be fully customized with photographs of pets and engraved with your choice of words. Further options for customization include a choice of 316 surgical stainless steel or 18 karat gold finish.

Our jewelry turns your memories into treasured keepsakes. With each piece created being  unique to you. The memorial jewelry collection includes designs which are exclusives that cannot be found in other stores.

Preserve your pet photos forever with memorial photo charms like this 18k yellow gold bangle with heart charm

An example of the pet memorial range is the Create Your Own Bangle With Heart Pendant. The silver or gold toned bangle is adjustable with a wire wrap sliding design. You can upload your pet’s picture, which is then custom printed onto a heart-shaped pendant.

Alongside the photo pendant, the bangle features two mini pendants that show that it has been made in the USA. Each one is handmade to order and is sent out to you within three to five business days.

Another product in the range is the Create Your Own Photo Necklace with Dog Tag. This dog tag shaped pendant is also custom printed with a photo of your pet and can have your chosen words engraved on the back.

Create your own pet memorial dog tag pendant necklace by uploading your photo

The finished dog tag pendant is then suspended from a chain in a matching gold or silver tone. All pieces are packaged in elegant gift boxes. has been creating unique jewelry pieces to preserves their customers' memories since 2018. Other ranges in the photo charm collection celebrate love, family, parents, and friendships.

A customer has said of their experience of “The website was easy to use and the engraving on the necklace I bought was so beautiful.”


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