to my precious mommy photo charm necklace with message from your little bundle of joy

Expecting mother to be ultrasound gifts from their *bump*

Meet our new range of photo charm pendants ...

ultrasound bundle of joy pendant message to mommy to be

Say hello to the mommy-to-be with these one-of-kind charm necklaces!

hey there mommy ultrasound necklace in giftbox

Simply pick the gift box message, upload a photo of your baby's ultrasound and voila - a special message from her "miracle bump" that she can keep forever!

Available in polished stainless steel or 18K yellow gold finish. There's also the option to engrave a small special message on the back of the charm.

No need to worry about getting a wrong size - this one's a perfect fit!

add your photo to create prenatal ultrasound charm

Treat the soon-to-be mommy in your life to a unique, one-of-a-kind gift!

little miracle ultrasound necklace

Our ultrasound photo charm necklace is like a secret message from the miracle bump, a timeless treasure she'll love forever!

Click here to see the expanding range.

Easily upload an ultrasound or sonogram image and you're good to go - it's sure to be a preggersational hit!

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