Crisis management plan

Chronic illness sufferers (or #Spoonies) all know that they are in for the inevitable day of crisis. When despite all the best planning, careful management, hope and wishes we end up spending a day or more cocooned in our beds in a health crisis. Or when I am really lucky, I will spend a last spoon to set myself up on the sofa.

So here are some of the things I use at these times to help life go on and help me get out of crisis and back into living again.

I always aim to have some healthy pre-made meals in my freezer. Ready to pop into the microwave. When I am really stick; I love that Antonio's will deliver their healthy homestyle Lasagna and Cannelloni. They are meals I can eat even when my pain levels are so high that I am nauseated. When I eat I can take my medications and hopefully my pain levels will reduce somewhat. But when the pain is just too much, I resort to Cadbury's Milk Chocolate and instant Cup-a-Soups. I make the soups up in one of my travel mugs so it stays warmer; giving me longer to slowly sip.

I use a TENS machine on many different points to reduce my pain levels and give me back some movement. Drug free options are always helpful.

 The Carry Console for walking frames and rollators

When I know my movement is limited I really load up my Carry Console organizer bag. I can carry a travel mug of coffee and a bottle of water, medications, glasses, snacks, tissues, vomit bags, baby wipes, notepad with pens, phones, chargers, house keys, and all remote controls when I leave the storage pouches unzipped. I so love being able to carry this much stuff and keep my hands free to assist hold me up and support me.

I also carry the Safe Grab Bar Handrail Vacuum Cup Grip which can be suction gripped onto the seat itself or put into the rollator's basket. Walls have long been a friend. The grabbar helps stop me from falling when I have to get up or use steps.

Then I can sit on the walker seat and shuffle myself around the house using less energy than walking would take at that time. With more mobility than I would get if I was using my wheelchair inside the house.

Of course, I also hook one of my pick up sticks on the walker frame. It seems the more pain I am in and the less able to pick anything up off the floor - the more likely I am to drop things and be generally clumsy. So I always keep a couple of extras around the house in case I drop that too.

Leave a comment, I would love to hear how you plan for and cope with your crisis days.

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