Chemical Formula Pendants With Dopamine, Oxytocin & Serotonin

Chemical Formula Pendants With Dopamine, Oxytocin & Serotonin

A collection inspired by the hit TV series The Bachelor, which saw two contestants gifting the hormone chemical formula for oxytocin to each other in the form of a tattoo and necklace. By adding the options of dopamine and serotonin alongside oxytocin, this collection allows you to choose the well-being chemical that suits your intended sentiments.

Chemical Formula Pendants With Dopamine, Oxytocin & Serotonin Diagrams make the best gifts for nerds and geeky loved ones.

The Oxytocin formula diagram pendant from the RiseShed DOSe of Hormone Mollecule Collection

Dose your loved ones with the chemical formula for well-being, love, or happiness with a personalized bar pendant from our Hormone Molecule Collection today!

Our pendants are bold and beautiful. They feature a smooth-edged and highly polished hand-made horizontal surface, made especially for you by our craftsmen whose passion is showcasing the finest jewelry in their work. Each bar measures 1.4" by 0.4", and its stainless steel or 18K gold dipped metal finish blend seamlessly into each set.

They also come with a fully adjustable 16-22 inch cable chain that, depending on your mood of the day or the special occasion, can be worn neatly tucked away inside your blouse or proudly hanging out from underneath your tops and shirts.

You also have the option to add a personal message on the back of your pendants, making these gifts ideal for special occasions, reunions and anniversaries—or even as a one-of-a-kind gift that nobody else would have thought about giving!
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